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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the solar impulse is ready to resume its historic voyage across the world... jerk. >> lift-off in only 30 minutes. the solar impulse is ready to resume its his other voyage across the world. >> judge a road closure kicking off today which will cut off action for tri-valley communities for months. more with mike in just minutes. and winning over the weekend that looked almost effortless. warriors throttle the trail blazers in the first game of that series. "today in the bay" starts right now. a good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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let's check our forecast with kari. >> good morning. we'll have more sunshine again today, but we begin with the morning with clouds and fog along the coast that may help cool our temperatures down. especially right along the coast and in san francisco. now it's 52. 49 in the north bay and 55 in the south bay. looking at highs today in some spots almost 10 degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. up to 71 in the east bay in san francisco. 65. our temperatures continue to go down as we go through the week. i'll detail in the microclimate forecast. are you tracking a crash? >> we have a crash in milpitas. i actually passed it this morning. down here on the north end of south into fremont. looking at northbound 880. i saw just a single vehicle on the shoulder. didn't think much of it. a fire truck was there, but chp
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says there is someone in the vehicle on the shoulder and they are concerned about that. look at the live shot. light traffic through the area. talking about what is going on. >> thanks. 4:32 lift-off in 30 minutes. that's when the solar impulse 2 plane is expected to leave for phoenix. >> rob redeal spent much of the night out there. are people camping out. have they been waiting for hours? >> good morning. about 50 members of the public who signed up to get access here to witness what is going to be another historic leg of this solar-powered flight attempt around the world. you're looking at solar impulse 2. i don't know what you can see in the darkness there. the white lights are on the wing
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span and they espn over a few hundred feet. on top of those wings are over 17,000 solar panels that power four electric motors during the day and charge the batteries for use at night. solar impulse 2 will be taking off under a half hour. being piloted by a swiss aviator and co-founder of the project. he will be taking off on what would be a 16-hour flight. they went be expending any fossil fuel. the down side are the top speeds are only 47 miles per hour. hence the long travel time. solar impulse 2 arrived in the bay area last week. there is a beautiful shot off the golden gate bridge.
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prior to that it came from japan. the plan is to go to phoenix, get across the united states, europe and back to abu dhabi which is where this long journey started over a year ago. they want to prove the benefits of clean technology. >> it's a big jump into the future. in a way you think it's science fiction but in a few years' time hopefully the entire society, the entire world will work with this type of technology. this is what we want to demonstrate. we are pioneers. >> one of the issues is it's beheld by the both. that's one reason why they are waiting for the winds and they predicted they'll have the best time at 5:00, presuming winds are cooperating at that time.
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we'll bring that to you live. bob redell "today in theรง bay." >> hopefully in 25 minutes they'll be taking off. a man was shot across the supreme court in san francisco. now it's time to find the gunman. this happened 9:30 golden gate avenue. the victim is expected to survive. police are not releasing a motive or any other information about that suspect. san jose police looking for suspects after a drive-by shooting. it happened only two blocks from o.s. hubbard elementary school. a black truck pulled up to a house and shots were fired from that truck. a man standing in the driveway yesterday was hit, but he is expected to survive. >> police are asking for help finding a missing man from millbrae. keith green was last seen at his home thursday. green left behind most of his
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belongings, including his wallet and car. on friday, a hiker found green's cell phone in san francisco. if you have seen green call police. prepare for what could be a traffic nightmare in the east bay. construction crews working on tassahara road. starting this morning, it's closed and won't open until december. it is a popular back road for people trying to avoid the 580/680 interchange. cruise are replacing a culvert. another playoff win for our golden state warriors. the team dominated once again. the fans were loud at oracle and had a lot to cheer about yesterday afternoon. this game was never close. you see steph right there taking it all in. again in his fresh blazer. they beat the trail blazers 118-106. thompson had 37 points. game two is tomorrow night at oracle arena.
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sharks doing well in their playoff run. team beat the predators 3-2 and are this up 2-1 in the series. they play in nashville tomorrow. that famous cat spotted on the ice -- did you see this? -- doing well. could be up for adoption, soochblt it was a strong black cat scrambling before the ice friday night. the cat managed to get away but crews found it yesterday. the reverse of the jinx with the black cat. >> may day rally taking over the area, but chaos that unfolded in salt is making national headlines. the violent clash between police and protesters next. "...people united."
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oc: "...people united." trt: 05 laura//cont. vo several may day rallies in the bay area yesterday. in oakland, hundreds of people marched in the fruitvale district to raise awareness for several issues in several may day rallies in the bay area yesterday. in san jose women's rights was the main focus of the protests. labor leaders will protest what they call institutional attacks on minorities.
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>> in seattle it got rowdy and violent. >> it could have been bad. police officers say molotov cocktails were thrown at them but they never ignited. a handful of protesters were injured but none serious to report. several businesses were vandalized. >> a surprising danger affecting drivers. investigative unit uncovered startling details about crashes on railways some say could have been prevented. >> these travel on railroad tracks, but they don't always trigger the crossing gates to go down. last january a gilroy man was killed when he turned left on a green light right into the path of a vehicle operated by union pacific. the lights and gates did not activate. >> i think something should have been done so much sooner. this was such a preventible tragedy. >> what was going on here is
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absolute negligence and madness on the part of these people. they know better, yet they were doing it anyway. >> the company said safety is a top priority and made changes offer the trash. how often these collisions happen and regulators say it is up to the railroad companies to fix. if you have a tip, give is a call. kari is stand buying with your monday morning forecast. in the south, several regions are under water. ==sam//topvo==
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parts of the south -- inundated this morning, after a series of severe storms. the flooding hit people hard in southwest lo happening right now, part of the south inundated after a series of severe storms. the flooding hit people hard in southwest louisiana. high waters shut down several roadways where you see people trying to drive through that mess. it left some people walking knee deep in water pushing their cars. more than six inches of rain fell in some parts of louisiana. >> hit very hard there. not our neck of the woods there. 4:45. did you have a great weekend? >> i did. i went out to the beach. now we are looking at the solar impulse as we get ready for that to take flight. we'll track that in the next few
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minutes. hopefully they'll get off the ground and everything will go well. let's take a look outside. we are seeing temperatures in the lower 50s. 52 now in san francisco and livermore. 55 in san jose. 5 in napa. we start out this morning with low clouds and fog that are starting to roll into the inner bay and toward the delta. the next several hours, this will slowly clear for most of us. you'll still see it in san francisco and the western sides of the city toward pacifica and half moon bay and up toward point reyes. most of us feeling some sunshine and seeing some sunshine, cooler temperatures then the clouds roll back in tonight. we will have those temperatures coming down today starting out by 1:00 in the afternoon into the upper 60s. later on tonight, more clouds as we will see those chloes drop back into the 50s shortly after sun set. look at the microclimates today.
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up to 75 in los gatos today. san mateo 74. mid 60s. mostly sunny skies later today. santa rosa 73. antioch 80. that will be about the warmest temperature across the bay. over the next couple of days, we'll have a couple of rain chances in the first that start late wednesday night. mostly on thursday. it doesn't look like everyone will see that rain. it will be on thursday into early friday morning before all that activity moves off the east. we will have our temperatures that will be much cooler than we recently had as the rain ends on friday. we'll have sunshine and temperatures about average this time of year reaching into the low 70s on sunday in the north bay. san francisco staying in the mid 60s and low 70s. beautiful, more comfortable pleasant weather ahead for the next several days. let's head over to mike tracking
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two crashes. >> overall things moving well. still activity on the right shoulder. no slowing and no slains blocked. this is southbound 680 after the venecia bridge. there is debris approaching the bridge but i think those are completely unrelated issues. the closure affects folks heading down tassahara. there are a number of ways there adding mileage and more traffic through the dublin interchange counter to the morning commute. right now all eyes are on indiana. you are watching the road maps, we are watching the campaign map. next up on the trail, the hoosier states holding its
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primary tomorrow. >> hillary clinton and donald trump leading the polls. that is despite an alliance between ted cruz and john kasich. 7:00 delegates are up for grab for the republicans. >> here in california, democrats hard at work selecting delegates for the upcoming convention in philadelphia. we stopped by a district in san francisco as voting was under way yesterday. 200 people are vying for just 10 slots. those hoping to represent the party say they are inspired by both presidential candidates. >> i think she is the best qualified candidate we ever had for president. it's time we have a woman president. i'm trying to be a delegate to the national convention. >> bernie sanders has motivated me to become a delegate because of his message of who he is as a person. >> the democratic national convention in philadelphia will
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be held july 25th. to business news at 4:49. hulu is getting ready to launch tv on the internet. uber dishing out free pizzas in the big apple. >> we turn to landon dowdy who joins us close to the big apple. morning. >> just a bridge away. good morning to you both. stocks will try to rebound this week. futures are higher. markets come off the worst week since february. apple disappointing earnings suffering its worst month since 2013. slew of economic data this week including manufacturing and auto sales and topped off by friday's jobs report. nasdaq down 29 to 4775. hulu wants to challenge cable companies with its own internet tv service.
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you won't be able to watch live streams of channels of fox, espn. they are joint owners of hulu. users can watch shows when they want. >> uber teamed up with new york city pizzerias to give away free slices every day this week. it marks their fifth year in the city. just show the uber app in certain locations. >> new york city thin crust pizza. >> a delicacy. 4:51. circus elephants taking a bow. their final performance and where they are headed now. plus apping right now, all
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eyes on most field this morning. bob redell is on the tarmac. we'll take you back out there shortly. through local streets. see what we uncovered. we're back in two minutes.
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"from the looks of it, they're already going elephant. dang! let's party. come on! (music up circus eleants packg their 5lau trunks and headed for from the looks of it, i think they're all ready for an elephant. dance, party, come on. >> circus elephants packing their trunks and headed for retirement. ringling brothers and barnum bailey circus held their last show with elephants in providence over the weekend. animal rights activists have been fighting to end the act in
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years. they made it too difficult for the circus to continue on with the elephant shows. they will be taken to a wildlife reserve in florida. the elephants may be out of the circus but they continue to feature tigers, lions, dogs and camels and the inpharm yus clowns. in concord they are searching for a thief. >> you see the man walking up to the counter. he grabs the donation job for autism awareness. all this at digger iodiner in concord. the restaurant posted this surveillance video on their facebook page in hopes someone would recognize the suspect. police if if you recognize the suspect, give them a call. check your powerball ticket. if it was bought in san jose. you might find a winner. >> a vallero gas station sold the ticket worth more than $1 million. the owner gets about $6,000. there was no big jackpot winner.
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now it's $248 million for wednesday. if you heard of those hot topic lawsuits, there is a popular opposite suing for too much ice. >> an illinois woman is suing starbucks for $5 million. she claims the coffee giant sells drinks that are only half full. this is a class action lawsuit. anyone who purchased the starbucks drunk over the last ten years is eligible to join the lawsuit. some ice advice might help here. four words. easy on the ice. they are filling up the cups with ice. that's why they are claiming they are not getting their full fair share of coffee. this solar plane ready for take-off any moment now. the reason a third of bay area
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residents say they want to leave-- accordto forced to leave. the reason bay area residents tolled say they want to leave the region. beware what could be a traffic nightmare. a main road closed in the tri-valley that might contribute to your already-congested commute. >> following this story since 4:30 today. we are moments away from a historic take-off in moffett field. we are live at the solar impulse 2 plane is moving on to its next leg of a worldwide journey. "today in the bay" starts right
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now. a good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> history in the south bay. >> let's go straight to bob redell live at moffett field. the plane gets ready to take off on its next leg of the journey. we are close here, bob? >> we just got word it's going to be at any minute. you're looking at solar impulse 2 on one of the runways here at moffett field. this is a solar-powered airplane. it's hard to see in the dark. it's got a very, very long wing span, well over 200 feet, equivalent of a 747. on each side of the cockpit where the pilot is inside right now are two electric powered propellers. you've got four motors on board. over 17,000 solar panels, and those solar panels charge the
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batteries so they can take off when the sun is not out and fly at night. of course when the sun is up they propel the airplane. solar impulse 2 is going to fly to phoenix. this is the next leg on its attempt to become the first solar-powered airplane to fly around the world. this is a journey that started in abu dhabi in march last year. they ended up flying to japan, from japan to hawaii. they got stuck in hawaii for about nine months because of problems with the batteries. that's why we are still here in may. they've only got to the pacific coast. they flew from hawaii. that was two night, three day trip. because of the weather and because this airplane doesn't have much power, a lot is dependent how the wind are. right now i don't feel much in the way of wind. that's why they are taking off this morning because they have light


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